What is a Warpspawn Game?
Well, if you want the WHOLE story, you have to go to Lloyd Krassner's web site…


But to summarize, they are FREE game rules for a huge variety of game genres.
They are quick, and simple. A great many of them are card games.
All YOU have to do is make cards to play the game!
What I've got here are card sets that I've made up for a few of the games that I've liked.

The Card Sets

Devastators 3000 - Giant space battleships blow each other to dust in the year 3000!

Gettysburg - A very quick and abstract game about those 3 bloody days. The card art is pretty cool!

Kung Fusion - Martial Arts combat with all the special moves and a little bit of mysticism!

Psionica - Psychic combat between players.

De Bellis Cardicus - Ancient Armies clash. Lloyd called this one "Ancient Generals."

What do you get in these card sets? You get images for the faces of all the cards,
images for the back of all the cards, summary rules cards (though you ought to go get Lloyd's
full rules to help eliminate questions)
, some even have a box you can print and fold.
They are in a variety of formats.

My early cards were 2.5" x 3.5" printed 8 cards to a page on 110lb card stock from the office store.
They bump right against each other on the printout to keep the cutting to a minimum. Cheap, easy, works pretty well.
My later cards are designed for pre-punched blank playing card stock from www.plaincards.com.
These are a standard playing card size on even nicer stock. They punch out quick and easy with rounded corners…
even better and not just too expensive.

You will find various combinations of these two styles in various games. You will find PDF files for Adobe Acrobat
and/or you will find the MS Publisher files that I actually do the designing in. The oldest even have MSWord files that I started with.

Please note that this is all free. You can use it as you see fit, but you can't sell any of it or use it on promotion items or anything else
even slightly commercial. Some of the cards contain images I've culled from the web and might be copyrighted.
Keep it free and homemade and we'll all be fine…

You can contact me at this address.